When we turn on our taps, we’d usually expect to have clean water, but tap water often contains contaminants invisible to the naked eye. Regular tap water can contain a variety of impurities and contaminants ranging from lead, copper and chlorine to water-borne bacteria and other pathogens. As clean water is essential for every human being, be it for consumption or cleaning, a reliable water filtration system is important to have. You may wonder, what do water filters remove and what’s the difference between a water filter and a water purifier? Water filtration is the process of removing or reducing the concentration of sediment in water using physical barriers. Although water filters and water purifiers are both used to treat water, a water filter typically functions to block contaminants that are physical and biological in nature. Water filters do remove most of the fine particulate matter but are unfortunately not as effective against chemical pollutants and viruses.

A water purifier has a broader function that may include processes such as distillation, deionisation, reverse osmosis, and UV treatment that helps transform your tap water into purified water which is suitable for immediate consumption. Purified water is safe for drinking and cooking. Hence, you won’t have to worry about any water-borne diseases or being sickened by chemical contaminants with a water purifier in place as a safeguard.


While Malaysian tap water is indeed safe for consumption thanks to our country’s water treatment processes, it may not be a pleasant experience as Malaysian tap water usually has a nasty taste and odour. Unfortunately, this isn’t due to a lack of proper water treatment. It is caused by corrosion in the pipes that deliver the water to our homes. A proper water filter system strains out rust and debris – which are the typical suspects behind the foul odour and taste contaminating our running water.

Although the government bodies regulating the cleanliness of our water have greatly reduced the risk of contaminated water making its way to our homes, it’s always wise to be prepared against accidental contamination from post-water disruption or sewage leakage by investing in a reputable water filter system.

Short-term exposure to contaminated water may result in just diarrhoea. However, the long-term effects can be far more severe with health issues ranging from water-borne illnesses to kidney failure, gastrointestinal illness, reproductive problems and even death.


Water purifiers or filters come in a multitude of options, so picking one depends entirely on your needs and budget. However, they can generally be classified into three main types:

  • Outdoor water filters
  • Indoor drinking water filters
  • Water dispensers that have hot and cold water functions


Ultimately, a water filter or water purifier is a must-have in every home or establishment.

Whether you’re purchasing a water filter system for outdoor, office or home use, it’s essential to find one that meets WHO standards and thoroughly eliminates heavy metals, harmful bacteria and viruses from your water while still maintaining the good minerals.

Fortunately, Horizonstar’s range of water purifiers takes the guesswork out of finding ‘The One’ as they’re equipped with advanced, patented water filtration systems that will give you purified, clean water with every drop.

Getting the best water purifier or filter for your buck may be important but acquiring one with trustworthy after-sales service is just as critical in ensuring your water quality is perfectly maintained. With Horizonstar, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Horizonstar not only provides periodic filter replacement and steam sterilisation, but they also perform the Natural Care Service 15-Point Check to ensure that each part of your machine is clean and functioning properly. Additionally, Horizonstar goes above and beyond in ensuring the well-being of your machine with 1-to-1 professional service.

Even though we may not be able to control the external factors that contaminate our tap water, having a reputable and dependable water purifier installed will surely give you peace of mind. Just don’t forget to select a water purifier or filter that best fits your needs and also provides a hassle-free professional after-sales experience!

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